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Turbofan masks

Item No.: 20
size: LT-TFM01
Major function:

Turbofan masks

Features Specification

I-MU portable air purifier, self-developed turbo motor air supply, two controllable, ultra-large air volume + nano-fiber breathable technology to ensure comfort, breathing smoothly.
Four filter materials, PM2.5 and other effective isolation of harmful particles, salt, oil filtration efficiency ≥ 95%.
Application occasions: This product is suitable for haze, car exhaust, kitchen fumes and other harsh environments to wear, can be used outdoors, kitchens, factories, construction sites and other places.
Basic functions: Effectively resist all kinds of airborne particles, such as PM2.5, salt, oil filtration efficiency ≥ 95%; wear comfortable, good ventilation.
Use time: The filter cartridge for consumables, need to be replaced regularly.

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