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Electronic Sterilizing Deodorizer

Item No.: 48
size: LT-837
Major function:

Electronic Sterilizing Deodorizer

Features Specification

 Suitable for all kinds of small spaces, such as fridge, wardrobe, 
 shoe cabinet, car etc
 Bactericidal rate up to 99.9%
 Remove bad smell, kill germs, remove pesticide residue, and 
 keep food fresh
 Build-in battery, more than 10-12 days’ battery life
 One key deodorization, microcomputer controlling, intermitt-
 -ent cycle work
 Waterproof design
 Working temperature:-10℃-65℃ (can’t be placed in the freezer) 
 No need to replace filter without any additives
 Battery charge and the power consumption is less than 1 degrees in 1 year


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